Hearthstone Deck Recipes

I've been a closet Hearthstone player since shortly after the game launched in early 2014. As a player, I enjoy the game mechanics and strategy but as a Product Manager, I've come to appreciate the design decisions the team has made and how transparent they are with their process.

Recently, the team announced a feature aimed at new and returning players and I think it's a great one:

Deck Recipes are a new feature coming to Hearthstone to help budding deck-builders get a head-start on quickly crafting a solid deck to play in the Tavern. They’re great for both new players who haven’t built many decks, and experienced players who don’t want to create a deck entirely from scratch.

I'm constantly impressed by how much thought goes into each new feature they launch, such as the ability to suggest a missing card:

Don’t have all of the cards to complete a specific Deck Recipe? No sweat! Simply click on one of the greyed out cards you’re missing, and the greatly improved “Suggest a Card” feature will help you replace it with a card from your collection. This should help make it easy to quickly finish a deck, and start playing!

Suggest a Card